Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Vito

2020, Luxury Van

A tough exterior and high-quality interior, maximum benefit and low costs – The Mercedes-Benz Vito is the versatile professional in the mid-size van segment between 2.5 t and 3.2 t gross vehicle weight. The variety and variability of the panel van, Mixto and Tourer, make the mid-size Mercedes-Benz van a specialist and all-rounder for a wide range of customer groups. As the first van in the mid-size van segment, it offers three drive types as well as many innovative safety and assistance systems.

  • Luxury salon
  • Climate control
  • Airbags
  • Audio system

One of the most exciting topics with the Vito Tourer is seating. This can be operated with an easy to use quick-release attachment system. Mercedes-Benz delivers the Vito for a wide range of applications in a multitude of variants. There is the Vito Tourer with two- and three-seat benches in the first row of the passenger compartment. The same choice is also possible in the second row of the rear. Numerous possibilities and combinations result from the varied seating configurations.

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